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EPIC New Year "Stargazer" Album Review - Baby Sue Magazine!

Jan 4 | Posted by: Jesse Terry

What a great surprise to wake up to this EPIC "Stargazer" album review - One of the best reviews yet & some nice reading as we watch the blizzard outside in coastal New England.

It's amazing that reviews for "Stargazer" continue to come in, even as we get ready to release my next record "Natural" on March 30th, 2018. I'll always be immensely proud of these two new albums:)

Thank you so much Baby Sue for the wonderful words about "Stargazer"!

"Classic and totally classy modern pop, arranged to absolute perfection. Lots of folks are having extremely positive reactions to Jesse Terry's music. Give Stargazer a single spin and find out why. Terry's songs exist somewhere in that universe where Electric Light Orchestra meets Harry Nillson. He's got a velvetty smooth voice and his songs feature impeccably great arrangements. The harmony and backing vocals on this album are...truly mindblowing. This is the fourth full-length release from Terry, but it serves as an introduction for us. Rarely do we hear any artist of this caliber from the past or present. This music is so good that it gives us chills. Jesse's songs are pure pop perfection. This is one of those cases where everything fits together seamlessly. Great songs, arrangements that support the melodies, killer vocals...and an overall vibe that is impossible to ignore. If you wanna get in on the ground floor of something big before everyone else starts raving about it, get your hands on this album. Stargazer is an instant twenty-first century classic. The songs are timeless, precise, and genuine. Perfect pop masterpieces include the title track, "Dangerous Times," "Stay Low," "Runaway Town," and "Dear Amsterdam." Highly recommended. TOP PICK."


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