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Stellar Review of “Stay Here With Me” From No Depression

Jan 6 | Posted by: Jesse Terry

Great way to start the week!! One of the best reviews of my life penned by Lee Zimmerman of the esteemed No Depression... Incredibly honored by these words:)

Jesse Terry
Stay Here With Me

As if the title itself wasn’t entreating enough, Jesse Terry’s third album makes a convincing case that attention is long overdue. Ably produced, engineered and mixed by Neilson Hubbard, a man whose every effort yields something on the order of transcendence, Stay Here With Me is the kind of album that defines what the ablest singer/songwriter ought to aim for, that is, a set of songs tendered with heartfelt emotion and powered by earnest ambition. The melodies ring with instant accessibility and a clear connection, conveying a brilliance and clarity that most veteran artists still strive for. Endearing and engaging, songs such as “Stay Here With Me,” “Feel That Way Again,” “Marina” and “Deeper Wells” reflect Terry’s obvious MO, a sweet sentimentality that lacks any hint of pretence or posturing. With a little bit of luck and the right amount of promotion, Terry could clearly become a major star; suffice it to say he could wipe the floor with most of those placid “American Idol” finalists hands down. Not to worry. He’s reaped plenty of accolades himself, among them, a grand prize win from The John Lennon Songwriting Contest and substantial standing with The NSAI/CMT Song Contest, and The We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter Awards. Unforced and yet clearly refined, these are songs that could only come from someone who’s mastered his skill set. The result? A wonderful album indeed.


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