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Featured Performer at 1st Listening Room Festival - Spread the Word!!

Feb 1 | Posted by: Jesse Terry

Dear Friends,

I'm honored to be a featured performer at the first Listening Room Festival in Tampa, Florida this March 15th-18th!! It's a festival that features 100 house concerts, dessert concerts, office concerts etc, all fit into a long weekend of music.. Click link below for more info. There are also special workshops designed for touring artists and artist showcases..

I'm available for at least one more concert in Tampa Bay area on March 16th or 17th. Please help me spread the word to your friends and family in Tampa area.. For more info feel free to drop me a line: terry.jesse@gmail.com


http:// www.ListeningRoomFestival.com/ artists/ profile.php?uid=jesseterry&fest ID=1











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