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Tune into Lightning 100 (Nashville, TN) and SiriusXM Radio to hear Jesse Live ON AIR!!

Feb 21 | Posted by: Jesse Terry

Hello all,

It's been a very cool month for me here in Nashville..  I've been on a short touring hiatus while finishing songs for my upcoming record and my friends keep hearing me on the radio!!  It's the first time I've had major radio airplay and it's a great feeling:)

Please keep on requesting songs from my record "The Runner" in Nashville (http://lightning100.com/2011/01/31/jesse-terry/)..  Here is a link for the request line: http://lightning100.com/shows/lunch-request-hour/

Also, keep requesting songs on SiriusXM radio..  It's exciting what we're building together..  In the next month we'll be starting the online fundraising for the next record..  I'm going to keep all of my fans and friends involved in the process.  I want to stay indie and make an EPIC record with your help!!

peace, Jesse

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