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Two Grand Prize Wins in Ourstage.com FINALS!!

Mar 1 | Posted by: Jesse Terry

My Friends!!

When the clock struck midnight last night, two of my songs "Empty Seat On A Plane" and "Let The Blue Skies Go To Your Head", won the Ourstage.com Finals (Pop and Country categories)..  Check out the link here: http://www.ourstage.com/winners

I am SO stoked and shocked and humbled all at the same time.  We won over two grand this month through Ourstage and I'm so grateful.  That's money that I can invest directly back into my career and this new record.  I live pretty lean in order to make records and be a full time artist and this is such a huge help to me.  Now I can afford to properly promote this record with PR campaigns:)  I think my wife and I may go out for one fancy dinner before we get back to business.  It's time to celebrate and we're never fancy!

Thank you so much for voting and for your constant support.  You can download the two winning songs right now if you'd like.

"Empty Seat On A Plane" - 


"Let The Blue Skies Go To Your Head" can be downloaded on my Facebook Band Page (in my Band Page Music Player)..  Head over to my facebook artist page here: 


As always, thanks for listening and being a part of this adventure..  Hope you have a killer weekend and stay in touch.

See you soon on the road.

Cheers, Jesse

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