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My First Official Endorsement Deals (Stonebridge Guitars and LR Baggs Pickups).. wow!

Apr 12 | Posted by: Jesse Terry

Writing this morning from my second home of Nashville, TN..  Love it here so much.  Started this run at the great Bluebird Cafe.  Always a great way to start a tour:)

I'm off for some coffee hangs and then heading out to look at Stonebridge hand-made guitars..  It's an exciting day.

So honored and excited to announce my first two official artist endorsements!

Stonebridge Custom Guitars has offered me an endorsement deal which I'm so excited about.  I'll be in Nashville next week playing their guitars at the showroom and picking out two brand new babies. They are stunning hand-made instruments and I can't wait to play them at all of my shows!

LR Baggs has also officially endorsed me and will be supplying the pickups for all of my acoustic guitars! I've been a Baggs guy for a long time and I'm so thrilled to install their new Anthem Series pickups in all of my guitars.

I'm extremely grateful for the support from these wonderful companies:) 

Cheers to you!  Can't wait to see you out on the road.  My official Record Release Show is set for Weds. July 11th at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.  That will be an EPIC night!  many more shows coming up in the "Tour" section of website.

thank you for always being in my corner.

much love, jt

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