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PledgeMusic Campaign at 50% - Be A Part of The New Record!!

May 25 | Posted by: Jesse Terry

Dear Friends and Fans!

I just finished tracking the first week of my New Record with renowned producer/engineer/mixer Neilson Hubbard (Kim Richey, Matthew Perryman Jones, Amy Speace, Glen Phillips etc.) We have an amazing all-star band booked, along with a bunch of very special guests. It's going to be so EPIC and I can't wait to share this new batch of songs with you! I'm freaking out I'm so excited.



Every single Pledge, large or small makes a HUGE difference and gets us one step closer to our goal. The first Pledge level is only $10 and gets you the digital download of the new album, plus all of the exclusive Pledger-Only updates. This is not a donation campaign. I want every Pledger to get great value for their contributions and also have an unforgettable experience! By making a Pledge you're pre-ordering the new album and other awesome "exclusives". This is a chance to be a part of something really special. I'll be posting exclusive updates (video, audio, blogs etc) to Pledgers during this entire process, beginning with the making of the record in May and June.. I'll also be sharing exclusive updates from the road with you. By Pledging you're literally taking this journey with me and essentially becoming my record company. And I know we're going to have a BLAST together!


Your voice is extremely powerful and is still the best way to spread the word!! When you Pledge, it makes such a difference when you share as well. And it truly means the world to me:) When you make a Pledge make sure that your sharing is enabled within your PledgeMusic account. It just takes a few seconds but makes such a big difference.

 Here is the link to my campaign that you can share on FB, twitter, email etc:


Thanks to everyone out there for always being in my corner and supporting my music! I can't tell you how much it means to me.

Thank you to everyone who pledged on my last LP Empty Seat On A Plane. That album truly changed my life and my career. I really hope you enjoyed the experience and will take this ride with me again. I know we can make this new album happen because I believe in all of you! I've met so many wonderful people out on the road and I'm so grateful for ALL of you.

Please stop by my PledgeMusic Page today, make a Pledge, watch the video and be a part of this journey with me. PledgeMusic is an all or nothing platform, so if I don't reach 100% of my goal I get nothing. Nada. So let's make some noise together!

Exclusive updates and life-changing news coming soon.

 Big Love and Big Thanks,


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