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GREENLAND Armed Forces Entertainment Press Release!

Jun 19 | Posted by: Mike Farley

Greenwich, CT—After a thorough and extremely competitive selection process in which thousands of applicants were hopeful of being chosen, Connecticut’s award-winningJesse Terry was selected by Armed Forced Entertainment (AFE) to fly to Greenland to entertain military troops stationed there.  Beginning next Wednesday, June 29 and through July 8, Terry and the stellar group of players he selected will perform and also teach and talk about music for troops stationed at the Thule Air Base, which is about 900 miles from the North Pole.

I'm so honored to be giving a little something back to the troops,” said Terry.  “I think we'll all let loose, play some rock n' roll and have a great time.  Hopefully our performances will give them a little taste of home.”

He is also excited that there will be not only American troops, but also Danish and Greenlandic military personnel.  Thule is in a remote part of Greenland that no commercial airlines fly into, so very few people outside of the military get to experience what Terry and his band will.

“Our military escort will be taking us on hikes and excursions on our days off,” he said.  “We'll get to see vast ice sheets, glaciers, fly over the polar ice cap and hike up mountains.  It should be an epic adventure.”

Along with Terry, he’s assembled an extremely talented cast that includes Matthew Pynn, Matt Tahaney, Peter Remm and David Brophy—all members of both Will Dailey and the Rivals as well as The Candles.  Rounding out the group is Jeremy Goldsmith, who has worked with John Mayer and John Legend.

I'm excited to be taking this extremely talented band with me,” beamed Terry.  “These are some of the best players and dudes in the Northeast.  I can't wait to take this trip with them.”

On some of their non-performance days Terry and his band mates will be conducting workshops and clinics for the troops.  He will be doing a songwriting/guitar workshop, and the rest of the band will be contributing with panels, workshops and lessons.

But ask Terry if he’s ever ventured to this part of the world, and he’ll tell you what many Americans might: “The farthest north I've ever been is Canada!”  Soon he will be able to say just how close he was to the North Pole, but most of all, about how he was able to give back to those who protect us every day. 

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