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American Songwriter Lyric Contest & Kiwi and Troubadour Blog Launched!

Oct 30 | Posted by: Jesse Terry

Hello my friends!

Great news!! Honored to place 3rd in American Songwriter's Lyric Contest.. My lyrics to "Let The Blue Skies Go To Your Head" will be printed in the Nov./Dec. issue of American Songwriter magazine.. Wahooo!! How awesome to be in this great magazine. Check it out:


In other news, my wife have launched our blog called "Kiwi and Troubadour". This is something we've wanted to do for a long time and I'm so glad we stopped putting it off. Check out our blog below, follow us and help us spread the word:) We're finishing up our UK blog soon.


Check the "Tour" tab on the website for awesome shows coming up.. So much music to be made and so many cool things coming up. As always, I'm excited to see you out on the road and I'm truly grateful for your support!



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