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Press & Reviews

“Beautifully crafted songs from a master singer-songwriter. A joy to play on my radio show with great reaction from listeners. Jesse deserves to be up there with the likes of James Taylor & Jackson Browne”

Paddy MacDee - BBC Radio Newcastle

"Stephen Hawking is not the only one asking for more from their universe – and this savvy pop genius may have just given birth to the perfect soundtrack to help us find our way… bottomless potential.”

Eric Thom - Blurt Magazine

 "... Conjured in collaboration with Josh Kaler and a string quartet at Nashville's EastSide Manor Studios, it soars and resonates, lush and dripping with strings and steel, filmic and nostalgic... 'Stargazer', nigh perfect, sweeps you in and on first hearing overwhelms... this is music to revel in, so just revel till the starlight fades."


Nick West - RnR Magazine


"Jesse Terry is a gentle soul with a formidable songwriting talent and a clear artistic vision."

 John Platt - WFUV - NYC


"...Terry essentially re-writes the book on how to strip back your sound and sound incredible in the process. One song of huge note is Terry's cover of ELO's 'Mr. Blue Sky', which features the vocal talents of Liz Longley and is arguably the best cover ever recorded of the song... Terry has - once again - released a hugely impressive album."


Melanie Glass - Maverick Magazine

 "...a soft, breathy vocal style that variously calls to mind Paul Simon, Justin Rutledge and Paul McCartney... As soothing as a soaking in a warm bath with a glass of white wine by your side, it’s a natural remedy to ease away the stress at the end of the day."

Mike Davies - Folk Radio UK


"Jesse Terry's new album? He is really hitting his stride with this release. The choice in songs, the choice in duet partners, the choice in arrangements pair beautifully with Jesse's exceptional vocal gifts. There are not many out there with a voice like his. Splendid work."

Bill Revill - Acoustic Blender, WESU


"Yes, the spectre of Brummie pop genius Jeff Lynne looms large over New England based songwriter Terry's 4th album, and is a welcome influence on a collection of songs that will inevitably be seen in time as 'the one' that propelled Jesse Terry into the 'big league'.

There is a vast, sprawling musical landscape that is encompassed by his writing, and it's a landscape that is breathtaking in its vision and execution. There aren't half measures here, every song is an opus, and although Jesse will take you from the pop perfection of "Woken The Wildflowers" to the skiffle-billy sensibility of "Dance In Our Old Shoes" in the beat of a musical heart, each song is inextricably linked by a latent quality that is plain for all to hear.

It's clear from the opening soaring orchestration of title track "Stargazer" that this album is the piece of work that he's been building patiently towards thus far in his career. Channeling the Lynne / Orbison axis, the warm production and easy sway of the lush instrumentation sets the bar high right from the get-go, and to his eternal credit the great songs just keep-on-coming back to back!

This is an album to be treasured, and is an enlightening reminder of times gone by, when albums were chock full of sparkling, inspirational songs that would just stay in your head for days on end. "Stargazer" is a triumph from start to finish, and Jesse Terry can be rightfully proud of an album that should, if there is any justice, be sitting in any "Top 10 Album Of 2017" lists that you care to mention."

Ken Brown - Fatea Magazine & Square Roots Promotion


“I have been a fan of Jesse Terry since the first time I heard him. He's a humble - and humbling - talent.”

Tony Arata - Singer/Songwriter & 2012 Inductee of Songwriters Hall of Fame


Classic and totally classy modern pop, arranged to absolute perfection. Lots of folks are having extremely positive reactions to Jesse Terry's music. Give Stargazer a single spin and find out why. Terry's songs exist somewhere in that universe where Electric Light Orchestra meets Harry Nilsson. He's got a velvetty smooth voice and his songs feature impeccably great arrangements. The harmony and backing vocals on this album are...truly mindblowing. This is the fourth full-length release from Terry, but it serves as an introduction for us. Rarely do we hear any artist of this caliber from the past or present. This music is so good that it gives us chills. Jesse's songs are pure pop perfection. This is one of those cases where everything fits together seamlessly. Great songs, arrangements that support the melodies, killer vocals...and an overall vibe that is impossible to ignore. If you wanna get in on the ground floor of something big before everyone else starts raving about it, get your hands on this album. Stargazer is an instant twenty-first century classic. The songs are timeless, precise, and genuine. Perfect pop masterpieces include the title track, "Dangerous Times," "Stay Low," "Runaway Town," and "Dear Amsterdam." Highly recommended. TOP PICK

Baby Sue Magazine

"As a young artist, Terry would fit right in with the songwriters of the 1960s and ’70s.  Listening to his music, it’s easy to imagine hearing his songs on the radio in between cuts by Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell."

Jay Smith - Pollstar.com

"Every once in a while an artist comes along and captivates our audience by inviting us into their unique lives through song and performance. Jesse Terry is one of those artists. His ability to craft memorable songs is complimented by his supreme ability to deliver them in a sometimes funny, sometimes gut wrenching, but always sincere and authentic manner. One leaves a Jesse Terry concert feeling like you've taken a road trip with him and tasted his flavor of the richness of life - both the joys and the struggles. His years in Nashville are apparent in the subtle, refined arrangements of his recorded tracks, which harken back to the days of Neil Young's "Harvest" and Jackson Browne's "Running On Empty". At the core of it all, his personality–sunny naivety meets gritty wisdom–is what sets Jesse Terry apart from the abundance of songwriting talent out there. We'd like to wish him all the best on his musical journey, but honestly, he's already arrived - it's only a matter of time before the masses catch up with him."

 Dave Dircks - LIVE at Deepwells (#1 Acoustic Podcast on iTunes)


“Wow, what a tremendous, beautiful experience this record is...This is one of the most tuneful and sonically well-crafted releases I’ve heard in years, and continues Jesse Terry’s exquisite songwriting, each tune awash with subtle touches that linger long after the record ends."

James Mann - Ink 19 Magazine

 “After a slew of critical acclaim for his 2017 record Stargazer, he released his latest album, Natural – a collection of acoustic duets with female singers including Sarah Darling and Erin Rae – last month... Throughout the set Terry regularly broke off to talk about his last two albums and how the songs in his set came about. It was clear from his warm, engaging approach that he’s a natural storyteller, and this shone through in his lyrics too. My only complaint is that his set was too short! He’s coming back to the UK in October and I’d highly recommend snapping up tickets if you’re a fan of fantastically written folk songs.”

★★★★ (and a half!)

Laura Cooney - Entertainment Focus

"Jesse's sweet, smooth voice takes you to another place. You'll come back to reality with his songs stuck in your head and heart."

Liz Longley - singer/songwriter/troubadour

 "...On his new album Stargazer he comes across as a true pop auteur, with a ringing voice and upbeat attitude that would likely find Paul McCartney himself offering a major thumbs up... Winsome and resilient, these melodies take an upward glance, a sure anecdote for the troubles and turmoil that plague the world so relentlessly these days. It’s easy to imagine Terry purveying this music in public and inspiring a horde of dancing, fist-pumping fans all joining in on the celebratory stance. Indeed, these songs would find an equally appropriate fit on both the radio and in the arena. Whether crafting beautiful ballads or more upbeat entires, Terry proves himself a master at conveying pure poignancy and serendipity."

Lee Zimmerman - Goldmine Magazine

"Simply beautiful songwriting. Terry has struck many chords - vocals, melodies, lyrics, harmonies. Tender, boldly emotional, gentle, powerful. Grammy worthy." 


Tim Sanborn - Homefront Music

"Those who first saw James Taylor in the Nantucket Coffeehouses still speak of instantly knowing they were in the presence of greatness. Those who rocked to Springsteen on the Jersey Shore knew he would soon be known to the world. Those who were mesmerized by a young Billy Joel in Long Island bars and pubs knew they saw a future Music Hall of Famer. That same recognition of having been on the ground floor prior to a meteoric rise to the top was shared by those who attended Jesse Terry in concert at the Katherine Hepburn Performing Arts Center in Old Saybrook on August 13th.

Jesse Terry not only owned the stage, but he owned the hearts of the roughly 200 people fortunate enough to attend the evening. Not all got to speak to him in person, but each and every one left the evening having become his friend as well as his lifetime fan. Unique to the great talents of the world, is the fact that they cannot be compared to each other. Jesse Terry is Jesse Terry – a voice, a presence, a personality, and a talent unto himself... It takes no courage for us to say, Jesse Terry, here’s to a decades long relationship – the sky is the limit!"

Alexis Ann - The Resident


 "...It’s a most impressive body of work that not only highlights Terry’s own talents but also that of the wonderful, in the main Nashville based, female vocalists who contribute. Much of the material could be compared to Sufjan Stevens at his most melodic. Music and songwriting has given Terry the tools to deal with and overcome a turbulent childhood... The album suggests a young man at peace with himself and nowhere more so than on I Was An Island written on The Aran Islands and one of two tracks that feature Kim Richey on vocals."

Declan Culliton - Lonesome Highway

 "Jesse Terry has been a favorite songwriter and recording artist of mine for quite a few years now. Every album has been a solid and enjoyable listen. And, I thought I always knew what I could expect... Until 'Stargazer' came along. WOW! 'Stargazer' is pure Pop the likes of which I can only compare to George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, and maybe Roger Joseph Manning thrown in for good measure.

There's special stuff here with arrangements that not only surprise, but soothe in the best, slightly trippy, way possible. The whole 'Stargazer' album is a masterpiece in my opinion, but standouts for me are the title track, along with 'Kaleidoscope' and 'Only A Pawn'.

But don't take my word for it, listen a few times through and I'm sure you'll have favorites of your own. Jesse has also released a kind of companion album of duets entitled 'Natural'. The album showcases some stripped down versions of 'Stargazer's songs, with Jesse accompanied by various female vocalist friends along with sparse and tasteful guitar accompaniment. Perhaps a pre-Stargazer sound with a nod toward his first few albums, his friends and his fans? It's a great listen... Well done Jesse Terry!

All I can say is, both releases are flat out winners."

Charlie Silvestri - Up Close And Acoustic

Becoming a regular visitor to Tyneside New England singer/songwriter Jesse Terry has built himself a healthy local following. On this occasion he’s supporting Bob Harris favourite Callaghan as part of a quick eight date scoot across the UK but from the audience response and the action around his merch table it’s clear that a respectable chunk of tonight’s crowd are here for Terry.

With long-standing Newcastle musician Alan Fish (White Heat/Loud Guitars/Attention Seekers) sharing guitar duties the 30 minute support slot only allows Terry time to deliver a six song set. His four year experience writing songs full time in Nashville is evident and he’s a skilful songsmith with a solid repertoire. Noise along with Kaleidoscope and  Runaway Town (both from last year’s Stargazer album) are all instantly memorable and could easily be covered as Stargazer itself was by Americana star Sarah Darling.

Jesse Terry has played 1,000 shows in the last eight years and shows no signs of slowing down with a gig booked for this October at The Cluny.

Ian Ravendale - The Crack Magazine


"...Jesse opened with Kaleidoscope, from his latest albums Stargazer and it's stripped-back companion Natural. Jesse’s voice is that of a dreamer, a lover, a horse-whisperer, drawing you in and making you feel he’s singing only to you."

Marilyn Kingwill - RockShot Magazine


 "With three re-inventions of songs from 'Stargazer,' a wonderful acoustic cover of 'Mr. Blue Sky' from ELO and of course many new songs. The most prominent of these are, in our humble opinion, brought together with Michael Logen and Dar Williams and very strongly recalled to Simon And Garfunkel in their high days... Highly recommended!"


Ctr Alt Country


 "The female vocals merge seamlessly with Jesse's voice each and every time. Hearing this more stripped down side of Terry's music, it makes the listener even more acutely aware of what a beautiful voice this guy has. No wonder so many folks are intrigued and captivated by this man. He's a modern classic who's on the verge of breaking big time. Of course, he has already succeeded in the world of artistic integrity. His songs are classic and immediately familiar and yet...they are also completely original and focused."

Baby Sue Magazine 


 "...we were very impressed by the intimate opening song "Kaleidoscope" with Sarah Darling, the wonderful "Runaway Town" with Cary Ann Hearst, the singer of "Shovels And Rope". Later it also provides vocal assistance with the breathtakingly beautiful ballad "Mountain Rose", a song that evokes good memories of Ryan Adams & Caitlin Cary at the time of 'Whiskeytown'... definitely note "Natural" from this Jesse Terry on that shortlist. That you will be able to enjoy many hours of listening pleasure on the twelve tracks of this magnificent album is beyond doubt. Just do it!"



With delicate lyrics, a NIllson tenor bringing the melancholy, and duets with the likes of Kim Richey and Dar Williams, Jesse Terry makes "Natural" an achingly beautiful record. "Kaleidoscope" opens, with a chorus so pretty it defies its claim that "all the pretty lights were false hopes." Folks come to "Runaway Town" hoping "no one here will crush our hopes."

The only cover (Jeff Lynne's "Mr. Blue Sky") transforms the Beatlesque original into something new and revelatory. "Close My Eyes" (with Liz Longely) is a highlight and a rarity on this record, a straight-ahead love song. The title track closes, solo acoustic, natural. What a beautiful way to admit you'll never stop missing someone ("When a tin can holds a sky of rain… and a heart beats but never breaks… maybe losing you will feel natural to me.") Don't miss this lovely disk.

David Kleiner - Minor 7th 

'Stargazer', Jesse Terry's fourth album, has a clear message... look at the stars and discover your place in the universe. Terry's influences are hard to channel. Sometimes you think of The Beatles, John Lennon, Jeff Lynne and even the beat groups who performed the hit parades in the sixties... Jesse Terry delivers a positive album with 'Stargazer', which is a bright spot in today's dark world.

Lambert Smits - Keys And Chords

"Having Jesse Terry guest on Music Routes was an absolute pleasure. The guy is a breath of fresh air – not just for his songs, but for his personality, too. He works a mike in the studio in the same way he connects with an audience at a gig, with effortless charm.

It says a lot for his abilities that the songs from his latest album, Stargazer, work on a purely acoustic level, and take on a new life. On the album, he uses arrangements that make me think he must have listened to ELO era Jeff Lynne for inspiration, and this works really well, but the strength of the songs shines through when he stands on a stage, just voice and guitar, with only – the admittedly impressive - backup from Alan Fish."

Jim Welsh - Music Routes/Radio Summerhall - Edinburgh, UK

"...astonishing how much dedication and opulence Terry brings out in his pleasantly tempered folk pop and powerpop songs with choirs, string quartets, guitar riffs, cool hooklines, effects and keyboard sounds... Brian Wilson to Ron Sexsmith or Squeeze to the Beatles - as inspirational sources. Terry definitely sees the half-full and not the more semi-transparent glass and packs it into opulent, organic and finally miraculous musical sound clouds."

 Ullrich Maurer - Gaesteliste 

"...it's the kind of album that no one makes anymore. And that's just so wrong to me. It's one of those albums that uses The Beatles as the blueprint but then expands from there. So it has a very Lennon and McCartney kind of feel to it, but there are also some other notable influences here as well."

David Medsker - Popdose

"Jesse Terry delivers something special with the lush "Stargazer"... Singer-songwriter Jesse Terry delivers a personal, honest, and lushly orchestrated album with his fourth full-length album... Infused with the warmth of a beautifully arranged string quartet, “Stargazer” brings a sense of hope that Terry carries within himself.

Tara Joan - The Daily Country


"His music is filled with a simple grace, with lyrics that capture beautifully the eternal tug-of-war between head and heart. If you like Josh Ritter, Ryan Adams, or Jackson Browne, give Jesse’s music a try. His soothing voice paired with acoustic guitar is like a gentle sunbeam parting monochrome sky… As I was looping behind the Jefferson Memorial, Jesse Terry’s “Second Dance” came on. The contemplative piano, the soothing swirl of strings, and above all, the ease and sweet wistfulness in his vocal style — it sounded like absolution… The warmth that comes through in Jesse Terry’s songs is even more apparent when you see him perform live. Jesse sings with a smile and a joy so palpable that you can’t help but experience a shift in mood and an upturning of the corners of your mouth when you listen."

Vivian Wang - District Consonance

 "...the music reminds you of the Beatles in their Hey Jude period, for example listen to the beautiful 'Kaleidoscope'... Besides 'Kaleidoscope' are 'Runaway Town' (an ode to the 'new' Nashville, Springsteen seems to be an inspiration here), the autobiographical ballad 'Trouble In My Head' and a sweet lullaby for Amsterdam, beautiful 'Dear Amsterdam'."

Real Roots Cafe - The Netherlands

 "...The Abbey Road connection is apt as Terry cites The Beatles as his most overriding musical influence (he talks about them with reverence and awe in his voice) along with Jeff Lynne, Brian Wilson, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and The Travelling Wilburys. All of these can be heard on Stargazer, but as well as The Beatles, I felt that Paul McCartney’s later solo work made it’s presence felt..."

Jane Ireland - Thoughts Of Just A Fan 

"Jesse Terry has what many singer/songwriters yearn so much for...the power of melody. With that Incredible power, his songs and voice resonate with you for days and days. He is the real deal."

Hunter Hughes, Hunter At Sunrise - WHRV HD 2 Alt Radio, Norfolk, Va

“...American Jesse Terry operates in the poppy singer-songwriter genre on STARGAZER. Handsome composite Beatlesque songs with a rootsy undertone and impeccable singing, highly recommended.”

Heaven Magazine - The Netherlands

"The New England-based singer/ songwriter, Jesse Terry, is back with his 4th LP, “Stargazer”...“Kaleidoscope” could have been written by John Lennon, it's that good! It has a sound that sometimes comes out of my Wayback Machine... Jesse Terry has opened up his soul and poured from it the highs and lows he has experienced. This is his best effort to date as his listeners will attest to! On the Nor'easter Storm Scale, I give this my highest rating, A FORCE 5! WELL DONE!"

Michael McKenna - McKenna Reviews & Nor'easter Magazine

"Jesse Terry's seamless Stay Here With Me charts compelling journeys through life and love."

Brian T. Atkinson - CMTEdge.com

I met Jesse Terry many years ago when Home By Dark was just starting out at Scottsdale Farms in Milton, GA. We immediately became friends as I was drawn to his boundless energy and puppy-like enthusiasm for everyone and everything around him. Oh yeah, I also loved his songs :)  Jesse is still that same bright eyed young man I first met, only now he has become an internationally recognized performing songwriter who has graced the biggest stages in the world. He's tougher to book these days as he is in constant demand around the globe, but we got'm :) This Saturday will be a great reunion. 

James Casto - Home By Dark Concerts - Alpharetta, GA

"Over the course of remarkable albums like "The Runner," "Empty Seat on a Plane" and last year's "Stay Here With Me," Terry has gone from opening for artists such as Darrell Scott, Paula Cole, Marty Balin and Liz Longley to headlining his own shows...The tunes effortlessly spin out compelling narratives, anchored with creative chord blueprints and lavishly seasoned with an exceptional sense of melody."

Rick Koster - The Day

"It’s not every day that you hear a voice like Jesse’s. His vocals are as clear as the cloudless blue sky and the lyrics flow as pure as a fresh mountain stream. He carries your emotions with a soothing flow. Jesse’s voice has been compared to that of Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne, Ray LaMontagne and James Taylor. Terry is the “real deal”!... Every composition on the album is well written and the production is simple and sweet."

Josie Milner - Digital Rodeo

"Stay Here With Me is the kind of album that defines what the ablest singer/songwriter ought to aim for, that is, a set of songs tendered with heartfelt emotion and powered by earnest ambition. The melodies ring with instant accessibility and a clear connection, conveying a brilliance and clarity that most veteran artists still strive for. Endearing and engaging, songs such as “Stay Here With Me,” “Feel That Way Again,” “Marina” and “Deeper Wells” reflect Terry’s obvious MO, a sweet sentimentality that lacks any hint of pretence or posturing. With a little bit of luck and the right amount of promotion, Terry could clearly become a major star; suffice it to say he could wipe the floor with most of those placid “American Idol” finalists hands down. Not to worry. He’s reaped plenty of accolades himself, among them, a grand prize win from The John Lennon Songwriting Contest and substantial standing with The NSAI/CMT Song Contest, and The We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter Awards. Unforced and yet clearly refined, these are songs that could only come from someone who’s mastered his skill set. The result? A wonderful album indeed."

Lee Zimmerman - No Depression

Once in a very blue moon a musician casts such a spell with a song that the audience hesitates to applaud for fear of breaking it. Such was the case last night when Jesse Terry played Don McLean's "Vincent" with the Wairarapa stars shining bright outside our windows - the silence when he finished was a moment of performance magic.

Simon Burt - Concert Host - Carterton, New Zealand

“A southern New Englander, hailing from Connecticut, Jesse Terry has crisscrossed the United States multiple times, played throughout Europe, has three albums to his name and is an overall great guy...As a radio programmer, I have enjoyed the privilege of meeting and interviewing many great performers over the years; I have met few nicer and more genuine than Jesse.  Have a listen tonight and he will be a friend of yours too in no time at all... His songs are hopeful, reflective, and above all sincere."

Bruce Swan - WPKN - Bridgeport, CT

"Great singer, great guitar player, great songwriter. The real deal."

 Craig Carothers – singer/songwriter/troubadour

"If he continues to make albums like this, Jesse Terry should find himself ensconced in the forefront of Americana, where themes realistic and romantic hold sway. The equal weight given to his acoustic guitar and electric exemplify that approach, and shore up a strong debut."

Rick Allen, Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Like forbears John Prine and Mark Germino and recent risers Mindy Smith and Jeremy Lister, Terry is a pop-folk troubadour whose style suits the coffeehouse rather than the Grand Ole Opry. A Berklee College of Music grad, he brings a sophisticated melodic touch to his tender musings about love and finding his place in the world."

Michael McCall, Nashville Scene

"Jesse Terry is one of the premier song writers of our generation, channeling a culmination of legendary influences… The songs are all easily relatable stories, drawing the listener in and keeping their attention through a delivery that is both powerful and moving. I’m excited about this record and I see big things in the future for Jesse Terry, not only because of his masterful song writing but because he is a really honest and sincere guy. I believe that his drive, his talent, and his countenance will pave his road to success."

Cardinal Playlists

"...Jesse is American, he exudes positivity, and (without casting aspersions on Americans) with him you can tell it’s real. He smiles constantly, through ridiculously blue eyes, so much so that you can’t but smile back... I could definitely hear the influence of the Beatles, who he says are his heroes, and I could hear echoes of Jackson Browne (who, endearingly, he has named his dog after) in some of his thoughtful, rolling tunes. But Jesse is just himself. He has, in keeping with the name of one of his songs, ‘Let The Blue Skies Go To Your Head’, and long may his blue eyes look up to the blue sky. He sang mostly his own superb songs. One called ‘Stargazer’, which speaks to every dreamer within us, has stayed in my head. Pursue your dream, the song encourages us, with the line ‘you weren’t born to rust’. The last thing I want to do after hearing Jesse Terry is to rust. So whatever your own personal ‘music’ is – be it painting, or hammering wood, or welding metal, or running up hills, or writing poetry – get up and do it, and don’t you dare rust!

Eimear Murphy - My Edinburgh Press

"The Berklee-educated, award-winning singer/songwriter (John Lennon Songwriting Contest; NSAI/CMT Song Contest) walked the path of a Nashville pro writer before hitting the road on tour. His recently released third album “Stay Here With Me” – produced in Nashville by Neilson Hubbard and recorded live in the studio with a full band – features 11 solo and co-penned songs that bring to mind iconic artist/poets like Paul Simon and Jackson Browne... a performance that touches the heart like only a whisper can."

Janet Goodman - Music News Nashville

"...a refresher course in how to make bouyant country rock sounds bright and clear and heartfelt... “Feel That Way Again” has one of the most engaging choruses I’ve heard in some time, while “Deeper Wells” and “This Should Be Home” speak directly to the hard work that helps forge a lasting relationship... Much like Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline helped reinvent our notions of country music by extracting the essence of what made it pure, Stay Here With Me gives us a glimpse of why words that strike to the heart of relationships, when set to an engaging melody and played with precision and love, can still work wonders... Jesse Terry’s 2013 gem can stake its own claim to greatness."

James Cassara - Rapid River Arts Magazine

"Singer/songwriter Jesse Terry emerged on last year's sophomore CD "Empty Seat On A Plane" and builds on that foundation with latest efforts "Stay Here With Me." His prolific writing skills have earned Terry a handful of prestigious songwriter awards and he's come into his own as a performer in the same vein as Ryan Adams, Mason Jennings, Ray LaMontagne and Rufus Wainwright. The title track is the perfect lid lifter and Terry shines on keepers "Rattling Cage," "Don't Let Me Fall For You," "Marina," "Beekeeper" and "This Should Be Home."

Jeffrey Sisk - Managing Editor, The Daily News, McKeesport, PA

"Stonebridge Guitars International, a line of hand built boutique guitars crafted in the heart of Europe, is proud to endorse one of today's best singer-songwriters Jesse Terry. In the time we have gotten to work with and know Jesse he has shown an innate ability to create beautiful melodies and wonderful pop songs. We are glad to include Jesse in the ranks of other world-class Stonebridge artists such as Hall of Famer Thom Bresh, Richard Smith, Eddie Ferris (Ricky Skaggs) and Jon Conley (Kenny Chesney)."

Todd Allison - Stonebridge Guitars International

"Do towns have recruiters whose jobs are to lure desired citizens to take up a local residence?

It seems world-class songwriter Jesse Terry and his wife, Jess - yes, she's Jess and he's Jesse - have moved to Stonington. Not that they'll be there all that often. The pair travel together, and Terry is absolutely a globe-trotting troubadour, seducing folks with songs from wonderful and astonishingly crafted records such as "The Runner," "Empty Seat on a Plane" and last year's "Stay Here With Me."

Terry, whose tunes recall the artistry of Jackson Browne and melodic narrative of Jason Isbell, recently won first place in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition's "Americana" category for a lovely piece called "Let the Blue Skies Go to Your Head." Judges included Bruce Hornsby, Tom Waits and, yes, Isbell."

Rick Koster - The Day

“Jesse is a troubadour in the classic sense. His songs and voice remind me of James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, and even Ryan Adams. He writes with true craft, and his melodies linger with you long after just one listen. I have had such pleasure working with Jesse on two albums now. We have gotten to collaborate on arrangements and even do some co-writing. He sings the melodies with passion and believability every time. Each time we start working on the vocal of a song, I am struck by how great the songs are and how Jesse delivers them with such ease."

Neilson Hubbard - Acclaimed Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Engineer/Mixer 

"In Terry’s lyrics, home is less a single place than a group of ideas and images (ballparks, carnival rides, and wide-open roads) that conjure the unified feeling of America as one expansive home. Specific nods to gospel, funk, and blues instrumentally achieve a similar effect, compressing America’s vast musical history into portable tuneful mementos that give listeners a coherent sense of place no matter where they might be. Never crowded or ostentatious, Terry’s arrangements give each instrument just enough space to make these musical influences clear, and his soothing vocal delivery is calming without being sleep–inducing, which is a rare feat.  While Terry has been accurately compared to the likes of Ryan Adams and James Taylor, Empty Seat on a Plane shows that now he may be well on the way to becoming a reference point for other up-and-coming singer-songwriters himself."

OurStage.com - Mikel

"one of the best CDs of 2015"

Indie Acoustic Project

"Empty Seat On A Plane is a charmer of an album and one well worth falling for"

Lee Zimmerman - No Depression

"Jesse Terry's new CD Empty Seat on a Plane is just what a good singer-songwriter album should be. Intelligent, articulate and often poetic songs in a folk-influenced acoustic-guitar based setting by a performer with an appealing vocal style. The very tasteful production adds to the music without significantly calling attention to itself. It's also a major contributor to this album's artistic success. It's an all-around likable album from an artist who writes about his experiences, but does so in a way that can reach wide audiences."

George Graham - WVIA-FM

"...you know you have hit upon a true star when an acoustic simple set can have you wanting more. Jesse Terry has done just that with his raw emotion, exquisite vocals and prime plucking on his guitar."

Bring Me Up 

"Jesse Terry was a highlight of our festival. As headliner, he won over crowds at the Hideaway Cafe. As a house concert performer, he inspired several new hosts and thrilled the audiences that came to see him. In a business that often shows our flaws, Jesse brings nothing but strength to the stage... songs, voice, personality, and musicianship."

Fran Snyder, founder of Listening Room Festival and ConcertsInYourHome.com

"Jesse Terry is a true triple threat. He has a gorgeous voice and he knows how to use it to deliver his incredibly poignant, moving material. "

Steve Seskin – singer/songwriter/troubadour

"Take a little bit of Jackson Browne, James Taylor and Paul Simon and you get some idea of what singer-songwriter Jesse Terrysounds like. The folk/pop music that Jesse Terry creates feels right at home when played alongside the music of any of the aforementioned musicians... Each song on the album has a certain beauty to it and shows off the writing ability Terry as the songs for this album have been arranged with simplicity that will many will find appealing. From the first song to the last, Empty Seat on a Plane will finally give Jesse Terry the album needed to make him a household name."

Matheson Kamin - Matheson's Entertainment

"Jesse Terry played our house concert series, Underground Oasis, two years ago and is due back in the spring. If you've listened to Jackson Browne or James Taylor or Paul Simon and wondered why no one writes like that anymore, well, Jesse does."

Underground Oasis Concert Series

"Jesse is one of those artists that can captivate you with just his voice and guitar. Attention, it is pretty darn good accompanied by excellent musicians, but his voice really fly, happiness sensuality. Listening to this album, we enter a world whose fate it is to the ultimate piece, a real treat. I can not remove a title from another, all are beautiful, the word emotion makes sense for their plays. This CD has a fault, it being too short so that's good. There is a word that defines this album, BEAUTIFUL."

French Association of Country Music

"...he's a force to be reckoned with. His well-crafted songs rank right there with Ryan Adams, Rhett Miller and other masters of alt-country."

John Platt - WFUV - New York City

"In the life of a troubadour, is there anything more enticing than the love of a good woman and the lure of the road?  The presence and promise of both loom large in singer-songwriter Jesse Terry’s sophomore album Empty Seat on a Plane, scheduled for release on July 10.  The record is less a collection of songs than an invitation to join Terry on an emotional odyssey. Empty Seat on a Plane is deeply personal, but not impenetrable to an audience...In the age of iTunes, the audience might be tempted to pick and choose among the compositions on Empty Seat on a Plane. However, the songs are meant to be heard together.  Each song is part of the journey, one that’s led Terry across the globe and back home again. Those who take the time to listen will be glad they made the trip with him."

Goodnight Hestia